What is e-learning animation?

E-learning Animation is used to develop short animated digital media used to quickly train and engage learners on a specific task or safety issue.

Our animation program offers a wide range of tools and animated characters and has the ability to incorporate customised backgrounds, videos and images directly related to your  type of business.  

Over the past 2 years we have spent numerous hours developing and producing animated presentations for:
- Safety
- Inductions
- Task specific training

We have found this form of presentation far more appealing and engaging than the standard e-learning training packages. In addition, participants have been known to have a higher recall of information using this type of tool.

To check and validate our presentations we offer our participant's an e-workbook that can be completed during or after the e-leaning animation- training - to check the participant's progress and understanding of the content.

We also offer standard e-learning course development.


We use the ADDIE model of instructional design when developing e-learning animation projects for the majority of our clients - explained in the table below:


Most of our clients had not considered using e-learning animations as a part of their trraining until they saw a demonstration, which sparked a barrage of developmental requests.

Starting an animation project?

When we commence an e-learning animation project we follow a standard approach which includes:

1 Initial meeting with the project manager/stakeholders.
2 Develop scope for client required deliverables.
3 Agree on terms, conditions and deliverables.
4 Agree on reporting structure and deadlines.
5 Collect required information.
6 Complete deliverables - based on actual hours.
7 Attend regular update meetings on-site.
8 Deliver completed work on-line or in-person.
9 Evaluate work with stakeholders.
10 Edit any requirements.
11 Submit final work.
12 Write project completion report.

- Operating manuals
- Maintenance manuals
- Safe work instructions
- Procedures
- Process flow charts
- Graphic presentations
- e-Learning animations
- e-Learning courses
- Training and assessment manuals

Benefits of using our service...

- free initial consultation
- new innovative ideas
- progressive thinking
- solving communication problems
- better use of your resources
- flexible developmental approach
- many years experience

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